A primary goal of Scalypso is to support a wide range of terrestrial 3D laser scanning devices. Thus, as our customer, you can choose the optimal device for each project and still use the same software workflow.

As a first step of each Scalypso project, the Scalypso Converter translates the scan data from a vendor specific into a uniform Scalypso point cloud file format, which is usable by all of our software applications.

Screenshot Converter
Screenshot Scalypso Converter

Import Formats:

  • ASCII Files (*.xyz, *.pts, …)
  • Faro (*.fls, *.fws, *.lsproj)
  • Leica (*.ptg, *.ptx, *.e57)
  • Riegl (*.rxp, *.rsp)
  • Topcon (*.cl3, *clr)
  • Trimble (*.cmf, *.lms)
  • Zoller & Fröhlich (*.zfs, *.zfproj)
  • E57, ASTM (*.e57), exchange format for 3D laser scan data

Export Formats:

  • Scalypso (*.syo)
  • ASCII Files (*.xyz, *.pts, …)
  • E57, ASTM (*.e57), exchange format for 3D laser scan data

The number of supported formats and devices is continuously increasing, so this list is constantly being updated. If you are missing a specific format or device, do not hesitate to contact us.