The Scalypso Viewer 2 is a tool for you and your customers to easy access, explore, and enhance 3D laser scanning data without additional license costs. Using the Scalypso viewer, first results of a project can be presented to your customer right after the 3D surveying and registration. The application offers interactive tools to mark specific regions, to add dimensioning, or to enhance scans with comments. Annotations can be saved in separate files, allowing a simple exchange workflow, e.g., via email. Therefore, the Scalypso Viewer is the perfect tool for efficient communication about 3D laser scan data with your partners.


  • Interactive planar, spherical, and 3D point cloud views
  • Tools to mark scan areas using polygons, ellipses, or rectangles
  • Tools to add or edit textual comments
  • Different measurement tools
  • Data import and export functions via small files