Ortho Module

Orthographic projections are distortion-free and true to scale illustrations that can be generated from a specific region of a 3D laser scan project. The result of such a projection, typically one or multiple 2D images, can be used as background layer to generate blueprint drawings or sketches. The Scalypso Ortho module allows you to generate orthographic projections with a number of parameters, e.g.,

  • Position, orientation, and size for the ortho photo,
  • Volume  in the point cloud used for the generation,
  • Resolution and maximum tile size for the resulting images,
  • Color, intensity, or x-ray orthographic projections

The Ortho Module has built-in filters to reduce artifacts, which are typically caused by reflections or hard edges, and let you choose the set of scans that should contribute to the result. It generates images in different formats and additionally creates a *.dxf and *.vrml file to ease the import into the application of your choice.

Typical applications can be found in architecture, plant construction, ship building, archaeology, or cultural heritage.