Capturing reality with a laser scanning device allows digitizing complex structures of buildings or industrial areas in an efficient manner. Scalypso Modeler is an easy to use application for the analysis and reconstruction of 3D geometry out of laser scanning point clouds. It would speed-up your digitizing workflow, lets you control the level of the detail, and provide a cost- effective solution for different applications.

Screenshot Scalypso Modeler

Reconstruction of geometric elements is based on intelligent point selection or object fitting algorithms. The software allows you to work with severally high-resolution scans simultaneously and provides a simple interface, based on the 2.5D image of the scan. A real-time interface to multiple CAD and 3D modeling applications transfers geometry elements without any conversation losses. Currently the following systems are supported:

Scalypso Modeler is designed as a modular application, which can be extended regarding to your needs. Currently the following modules are available:

  • Pipe Module for the reconstruction of complex pipe-runs,
  • BIM Module to reconstruct the geometry of rooms or whole buildings,
  • Steel Module for the reconstruction of steel or wooden beams based on a library with more than 2000 elements, and
  • Ortho Module for the calculation of distortion free projection images, which can be used as background layer for 2D plans or for presentation purposes.