FAQ Scalypso and ZWCAD

Export of polygons, steel beams, or flex pipes fails for some versions of ZWCAD

Between ZWCAD 2017 and ZWCAD 2019, some updates may cause the problem that some elements can no longer be exported from Scalypso to ZWCAD. The problem is known by ZWCAD (ticket T18881).

Depending on the version, the solution is to suspend an update, upgrade to the latest version or request a specialized version of ZWCAD to fix the issue. Here is a list of the affected versions :

  • ZWCAD 2017: All versions until 2017.01.23(13656) should work without problems . Starting with version 2017.06.07(18304) the problem occurs. A further update is not planned according to ZWCAD.
  • ZWCAD 2018: Up to and including version 2018.03.16 (29562) no problems are known.
  • ZWCAD 2019: All versions up to and including SP2 are affected. However, a special version of ZWCAD can be requested to fix the problem.
  • ZWCAD 2020: Starting with this version, the issue should be finally solved.