Scalypso and Allplan Nicke announce partnership

We are happy to announce a new distribution partner for Scalypso. With offices in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Würzburg, Hannover and Chemnitz Allplan Nicke will promote and sell our innovative software applications on the Allplan market. We are very excited about the new partnership and look forward to the new presence.

BricsCAD export included in new Scalypso release

The latest Scalypso release contains the new CAD interface to BricsCAD. We are happy to offer our customers another CAD system application for the real-time export of geometric elements.

New real-time interfaces to HiCAD

We are happy to announce a new real-time interface to HiCAD. We look forward to the new partnership with ISD Software und Systeme GmbH, Dortmund, Germany.

New Scalypso Homepage

We have renewed our Scalypso homepage, which now supports responsive design for all mobile devices. We can offer you all the information you need about the variety of Scalypso tools we provide, to help you speed up your everyday work with laser scan data.

Scalypso exhibiting at INTERGEO 2015 in Stuttgart, Germany

Our latest products will be unvieled at the INTERGEO event in Stuttgart. The INTERGEO 2015 will be held at the Stuttgart Messe next to the airport from 15th – 17th September, 2015.

We are excited to have this opportunity to demonstrate our ground-breaking developments and latest productsof the Scalypso software family. You can learn about our new product Scalypso City and how easy it is to visualize œunlimited big point cloud data in real-time. We will also be proud to show you the latest version of our Scalypso Modeler for the analyzing of terrestrial 3D laser scan data. Many different CAD interfaces including Allplan, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Revit, SolidEdge and ZWCAD will help you to export 3D laser scan data into your CAD system.

Scalypso is looking forward to seeing you at the INTERGEO 2015!