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Export Interface to Aveva bocad and Trimble Tekla Released

In cooperation with the Bocad (Aveva) and Tekla (Trimble) experts from 3iCAD in Wuppertal, Germany, we have now developed a real-time interface of the Scalypso scan modeler to the steel construction programs Bocad from Aveva and Tekla from Trimble. The new interface is now available to all interested customers. The export of the 3D data from the Scalypso Modeler is done to the software module TEKBOconnector from 3iCAD, which intelligently transfers the 3D data received from Scalypso to the respective target system.

The possibilities of the Scalypso software for a simple, efficient and cost-effective evaluation and reconstruction of 3D laser scan data are now also available for these industrial applications. The documentation of the actual state, the contruction within existing environments, or the verification of planning data can be realized very easily by using laser scanning technology togehter with Bocad and Tekla. It can be used regardless of the application domain, whether in shipbuilding, architecture, power plant construction, factory planning or the manufacturing industry.

The latest version of Scalypso supports the TEKBOconnector interface in version 2.1, which allows data export to Bocad for versions, 2.3, and 3.1. Tekla is supported in versions 2017i, 2017, 2016i, 2016, 21.1, 21.0, and 20.0. We will be happy to answer your questions on this subject or to provide you with a trial version.

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