As an extension to our products we now offer Scalypso4ALLPAN, a plugin that allows to import, preprocess and modify scan data directly in ALLPLAN.

To get an offer for Scalypso4ALLPLAN and recieve a license, please fill out the following form. Scalypso4ALLPLAN is available os subscribtion for xxx €/year.

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    • Which Version of ALLPLAN are supported?
      Scalypso4ALLPLAN is currently available for ALLPLAN 2023-2025.
    • Is there are trial or a educational version available for Scalypso4ALLPLAN?
      No, Scalypso4ALLPLAN is only available as an entry-level solution on a subscription basis. There are therefore no trial, edu or rental licenses. For an extended offer in connection with our other products, please contact one of our resellers.
    • Is Scalypso4ALLPLAN compatible with the other Scalypso applications?
      Yes, the point cloud information created by Scalyso4ALLPAN are the same as the ones that are created by the modeler or the mobile application. Your workflows can remain the same.