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Terrestrial Laser Scanning Software

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The Scalypso Modeler is a modular application for analyzing 3D laser scan point cloud data and for 3D CAD model reconstruction. Scalypso offers solutions for the analysis and reconstruction of terrestrial 3D Laserscan data. The software is independent of what kind of scanner hardware you are using. You can work with one, two or more different laserscanners without changing the evaluation software. 

The software allows you to work with severally high-resolution scans simultaneously and provides a simple, continuous workflow. With a wide range of powerful tools the evaluation is even more easy to use. Analyse, measure, and reconstruct with Scalypso in the exact image of your scan. Scalypso is intuitive, precise, efficient, and cost saving. You won’t do anything twice! 

Scalypso offers a general, logical processing, evaluation and, analysis of 3D laserscan data, directly in the graphical view of scan. 

You work in the Scalypso users interface and export the elements into a CAD system of your choice. We have real time interfaces to Allplan (Allplan), AutoCAD (Autodesk), BricsCAD (Bricsys), HiCAD (ISD Group), MicroStation (Bentley), Solidworks (Dassault), Solid Edge (Siemens) and ZWCAD+ (ZWSOFT). You do the evaluation work directly in the 2,5 D image of the scan. Either in the grey-step picture or in the coloured scan. 


  • Real-time export to:
    • Allplan (Allplan)
    • AutoCAD (Autodesk)
    • HiCAD (ISD Group)
    • BricsCAD (Bricsys)
    • Revit (Autodesk),
    • Solid Edge (Siemens)
    • Solidworks (Dassault)
    • MicroStation (Bentley)
  • Work and analyze in a photorealistic view (Planar View)
  • Real-time export of 3D points, 3D lines, 3D circles, 3D polygons, 3D surfaces, cubes, spheres, cylinders and pipes directly from Scalypso to different CAD systems
  • Simple creation of 2D floor plans
  • Automatic meshing tools
  • Profile generation along the coordinate axes or to free-oriented planes
  • Hot Spot navigation for quick orientation in the scanning Project
  • Scalypso network license for the business-wide access

Upgrade the Scalypso Modeler with following modules:

  • Scalypso Pipe Module: Simplify the reconstruction of complex pipe-runs and export them into your CAD system.
  • Scalypso BIM Module: Fast and easy reconstruction of rooms or whole buildings and real-time export to different CAD applications.
  • Scalypso Steel Module: Reconstruct defined and non-defined steel beams and export them into your CAD system.
  • Scalypso Ortho Module: Calculate distortion free ortho photos for many different applications.