Bridge between two Worlds
Bridge between two Worlds
Scalypso software tools work like a bridge. They connect the world of different laser scanning hardware vendors with the 3D tools you're currently using.
Applications Everywhere
Applications Everywhere
The challenge of building a model from real world appears in different environments. Scalypso provides you with the necessary tools, no matter if you are working in industry, robotics, ship-building, BIM, or architecture.
Modularly Extensible
Modularly Extensible
Scalypso consists of different applications and modules. For your first projects you can start with a basic version and enhance it step by step,  to become an Scalypso expert.


Scalypso is a software suite for analysis and reconstruction tasks using terrestrial and mobile 3D laser scan data. It is developed with 10 years of expertise working with 3D laser scanning devices and 3D modeling tools in practice. Modeling of 3D elements in Scalypso is based on interactive 2.5D range image views, which can be generated using additional reflectance or color information. To speed-up reconstruction times, Scalypso provides interfaces to transfer reconstructed 3D elements to 3D CAD applications in real-time, e.g.

Scalypso supports a wide range of different scanning devices, allowing the selection of adequate scanner devices specific for each project:

  • ASCII formats
  • Faro
  • Leica
  • Riegl
  • Topcon
  • Trimble
  • Zoller & Fröhlich
  • E57 formats

After converting the laser scan data into the Scalypso format, you are able to use data into the different applications. Scalypso is developed modularly, allowing you to start with a basic version and extent it with additional modules at your needs. Currently Scalypso Modeler can be enhanced with a BIM, Pipe, Ortho, and a Steel module.

Scalypso eases and speeds-up your analysis, interpretation, and reconstruction workflows from the first project. This helps our customers to save time and money in their every day work.

Our latest development Scalypso City is an application for the visualization of massive point cloud data, regardless if you using terrestrial, mobile, or LIDAR systems. It provides a number of interactive exploration and analysis tools that allows you to get new insights from your laser scanning projects.