FAQ – Scanconverter

Solving Issues with Faro scan data

Issue: Faro Scan Data Formats are no longer offered within Scan Converter

If Faro formats (*.fls, *.lsproj, *.iqScan, *.fws) are no longer offered in the Scanconverter, the reason is usually that additional software with functions for point cloud processing has been installed, updated or removed from the computer. You can renew support for Faro by re-installing the packages at

C:\Program Files\Scalypso <Ihre Version>\deploy\x64\faro
C:\Program Files\Scalypso  <Ihre Version>\deploy\x64\microsoft\vcredist

and reboot your computer. Alternatively, you can also reinstall Scalypso completely on the computer. This performs a repair of lost components.

Issue: Converting Faro Scan data failed

If the conversion of Faro scan data or projects fails, the reason is usually the previous use of the data in updated software products or scanners. The data is then in a newer Faro format, which is not yet supported by your Scalypso version. In most cases, an update of your Scalypso version will solve the problem. Current versions are available as part of a software maintenance contract without additional costs.