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Scalypso 2020 released

We are pleased to present you the current version Scalypso 2020. The most important innovation concerns the possibilities of the interactive evaluation functions. The reconstruction of 3D CAD elements can now be carried out both in the planar view and in the spherical view. Thus, it is now also possible to continue working seamlessly over the horizontal scan limit of 360°. The reconstruction of elements in the area of the floor or ceiling is now also much easier and more intuitive because they are visible in this view without distortion (Fig. 1). This functionality is unique on the market of evaluation software for laser scan data and point clouds.

Fig.1: Ceiling view of a scan during the evaluation of pipelines.

The Scalypso file format has been extended to also store the newly defined elements of the spherical view. Additionally, a project file has been added to the project structure, which is automatically created when converting scans. Switching between projects is now easier as they can now be selected directly from the file menu. Older Scalypso projects can still be used and are automatically converted to the format of the current version during the first import.

The interfaces to the scanner manufacturers and the CAD interfaces were also updated. Thus, Allplan 2020, BricsCAD V20, HiCAD 2020, SMap 2020, ZWCAD 2020 and many other CAD systems are now supported in their current version by Scalypso 2020. Furthermore, the meanwhile more than 50 CAD interfaces have been grouped hierarchically for a better overview (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2: Hierarchical grouping of CAD interfaces.

In addition to improvments, security updates for 3rd-party libraries, and additions to the manuals, there were many other changes. For example, various tools, such as profile creation, have been optimized so that different CAD programs can now handle the point clouds created with them with better performance. The license system has also been modernized at the request of some customers and now offers additional flexibility.

As usual, customers with an existing software maintenance contract will receive the current version at no additional cost. If you are interested in a test version or an upgrade, please contact us. We are looking forward to your request.

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